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Receipt Paper at a Glance
As implicit from the name, receipt paper refers to any paper specifically meant for the printing of receipt to acknowledge payment made on an order or a transaction. It is a very important item in the doing of business. Businesses need it in order to acknowledge payment for any transaction between then and their clients.

Businesses and Establishments that make use of Receipt Paper
As it is said above, virtually every business and establishment that needs to acknowledge payment of transaction made by their client require receipt paper which is also called POS paper. It is different from other type of papers in various aspects. Stores, supermarkets, restaurants, departmental stores, groceries make use of this type of paper on daily basis. It is also extensively used in the gaming industry like the casinos, ticket industry and transportation industry. ATMs and any other point of sale applications use receipt papers to issue receipts of transaction to consumers or their users.

Why Business should use Receipt Paper
One of the major reasons why businesses and any establishment that issues receipts to its clients should POS paper is to guide against receipt fraud. Based on the estimation of The National Retail Federation (NRF) about $13.95 billion were lost by retailer in return receipt fraud. As technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, fraudsters can duplicate receipts and obtain refund for stolen items. A greater percentage of return fraud resulted from counterfeit receipts.
If you are doing any business, you have to make use of receipt paper. It has strong security features that will make it difficult for fraudsters to succeed in return ticket fraud.
Security Features of Receipt Papers
Receipt paper comes with the following security features:

  • Ultra-Violet Inks – Nowadays, the rolls’ face and back have a clear ink in particular location that is not visible to the naked eye. You can only view it with UV light.
  • Thermo Chronic Inks – An image on receipt paper is capable of changing color or disappearing for a moment and only to resurface again after some moment.
  • Scratch Ink – With this feature it is impossible for fraudster to duplicate receipt. This unique ink changes color permanently when it is scratched.

Other security features that you can build into your POS papers are:

  • Void Pantographs
  • Coin Reactive Inks
  • Front to Back Print Image Registration

Your business is protected against return receipt fraud with all these features. However, you have to teach your employees or sale people how to check out these features in order to discover a duplicated receipt.

The second reason why businesses should consider using POS paper is the clarity of images on them. The images printed on these papers are very clear and legible. So, if you do not want any blurred image, you should make use of POS papers.
Receipt papers rolls are not bulk. They are available in a number of sizes. But no matter the size, retailers can easily take them along or keep them on their desk and still have enough space to keep other office supplies.

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